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Lunch offer from 12:00 till 14:00

Wednesday, October 20

  • Bean soup
  • Chicken fillets fricate with vegetables, you can choose boiled potatoes, boiled fried potatoes or rice
  • Chocolate-orange mousse

For two meals price is 6.50 EUR (only second dish - 4.00 EUR, only soup - 3.00 EUR, only desert - 3.00 EUR).
For three meals, 7.50 EUR


*Ask about the allergens at the waiter or by phone


*You can buy lunch to take away

  • Обеденное предложение.


  • Flounder wrapped in cheese with side dish
  • Chicken fillet in red wine sauce with apricots
  • Potato pancakes with salmon
  • Dumplings in mushroom sauce
  • Beef fillet in cognac sauce and many other dishes
  • Lunch offer
  • Children's menu

  • Ēdienkarte krodziņš Istaba
  • Ēdienkarte krodziņš Jelgavā
  • Ēdienkarte krodziņš pie Lielupes
  • Ēdienkarte krodziņš Istaba
  • Ēdienkarte krodziņš Jelgavā
  • Bērnu ēdienkarte krodziņš Istaba
  • Bērnu ēdienkarte krodziņš Istaba

Special offer from Jelgava

"Duke’s Sail"

"Duke’s Sail is a main dish made from specially marinated pork fried in the oven, served with caramelized pickled cabbage, various fried vegetables and roots, lingonberries and sea buckthorn and apple juice sauce.

"Charlotte's Kiss"
Layered dessert "Charlotte’s Kiss" is a layer of egg-curd cream and two types of juice jelly, where the mild taste of dessert is refreshed with fruit-berry puree sauce. Dessert is decorated with fresh berries.

"Jelgava bellini"
One of the main ingredients of the refreshing drink "Jelgava bellini" is sea buckthorn juice, which is also used in the preparation of "Duke’s Sail" and "Charlotte's Kiss".

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